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About the Process

How are my Spirit Series Photographs made?

My new Spirit Series has been created by photographing the remarkable forms that appear in the natural flow of water, fire and smoke. I use all the tools of a modern photographic studio to control the quality and color of light, select perspective, and dynamically juxtapose this beautiful expression of energy. The perfect mirror symmetry is added to evoke a resonance with our own bodies bilateral symmetry.

Indeed, you could say it's all done with smoke and mirrors.

For many, the shapes are surprisingly evocative of spiritual beings or physical body parts. Actually this is quite normal, as all of natures physical structures are directly related to the expression of the underlying energy. My observations as an artist have led me to the understanding that everything in the reality we can perceive, including ourselves, is a manifestation of a universal energy flow.

How did you come up with this idea?

Through observation. When my attention focuses totally on something, I often see it in a new way. The real challenge is to use my skill as a photographer to translate the magic I see into something I can share with others.

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